Jonas Landwehr

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Not only by trusting on his deep sense for consequent aesthetics and his technical perfection behind the decks Jonas Landwehr has proven to be one to watch out for. Also as organizer behind dozens of high class electronic music events and co-founder of the ‚Raw Imprint‘ record label he made a name for himself. In his emotionally charged DJ-Set’s he shows his lexical knowledge about the releases of the past 25 years and his passion for melancholic yet hypnotizing productions, while always finding a balance between contemporary electronic music and unexpected classics that are woven sovereignly into the bigger picture which is not less diverse then surprisingly fluent. This degree of diversity is not only found in his DJ-Set’s but also in his productions. When he teamed up with Felix Fleer to produce the A-Side of the first Raw Imprint record it didn’t take long for the epic, yet melancholic bigroom anthems to get picked up by dozens of major acts to be played at the most infamous night clubs and festivals around the globe. His forthcoming solo output on Raw Imprint will show what happens when he dives even deeper into his very own interpretation of contemporary electronic music.